Original Home of 
the Scott type 
American Bulldog

To ask about an upcoming litter, a specific dog, or to 
reserve a pup,
 please E-mail Alan Scott: alanowlhollow@yahoo.com

NKC Judge's Lic. # 5085
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   "Due to my own health and health problems within my family I am offering some of my breeding stock for sale. The dogs I am selling are still being used in my breeding program. They are not culls!!!! These are some of the best I have here at the kennel. You will find prices on the dogs I have for sale by their profiles and on the For Sale page.  These prices are picked up here. I will be able to do some shipping at the extra cost. To my overseas customers, I am sorry but I just can't do quarentine on these dogs.
   I know due to the really bad economy money is tight right now for everyone.  In light of this, I am more than willing to take some trades for the dogs I have for sale.  As long as I need what you have and it doesn't eat!!!  Got enough mouths to feed now!!!!  
   I would be interested in guns, knifes, ATVs, 
light trucks, tractors, ect."
                                                                  Alan Scott